Thank You

And I will always do my duty
No matter what the price
I’ve counted up the cost
I know the sacrifice
Oh, and I don’t want to die for you
But if dyin’s asked of me
I’ll bear that cross with honor
‘Cause freedom don’t come free

Songwriters: Chuck Cannon / Toby Keith  “American Soldier”

Many of us are celebrating this Memorial Day weekend by camping, having a picnic with friends and family or like me, enjoying the extra day off at home or doing a little shopping.  As the long weekend gives us a respite from our everyday work lives, let us remember why we have that extra day.

flag of u s a standing near tomb

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When I was young, all I cared about was having a long weekend.  I was a bit selfish.  I knew WHY we recognized Memorial Day but didn’t think much about it.  As I got older, I come to realize how much this day means to me.

From every war beginning with the Civil War up until today, many didn’t make the choice to fight.  It was chosen for them.  They fought as they were told.  Many didn’t make it back home and paid the ultimate price.

However one feels about a particular war, branch of the military or our military leaders, Memorial Day should awaken us to the sacrifices of those soldiers who gave all.  I may not have the liberty to sit here and type these words had it not been for their sacrifice.  And you many not have the right to sit and read them.

Those American Soldiers died for us.  They gave everything so that we would be able to live the American Dream.  They gave everything so that we would have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  They gave everything so we could live freely.  As it was their duty to defend our great nation, it is our duty to honor them on this day.

Thank you for your sacrifice.  I hope that I can be the American you so valiantly fought and died for.


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